Davan BL4.0mmx20mmx200mm

Manufacturer: Davan
Model: BL4.0mmx20mmx200mm
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U shaped CCFL used in many high brightness applications including Diebold 49-018349-000C Planar 997-2021-01 AB121PB-D-S PanoBrite. Starting Voltage Running Voltage Color Min. 490vrms Min. 320vrms Full Spectrum White Typ. 655vrms Typ. 460vrms X=.284 Y=.282 Amperage Wattage Intensity Range 4 - 5.5 Approx. 2.30 40-44,000 cd/m2 Typ. 5mA 42,000 cd/m2.
Some production models use various internal part configurations. Always ensure that the part used in your machine is compatible with the model listed here before purchasing.
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