Davan CCFL-FT5000-1-ASSY

Manufacturer: Davan
Model: CCFL-FT5000-1-ASSY
Price: $25.00
Stock: 30

Standard bright single CCFL Brass Rail assembly. Used in many applications including Triton ATM models RT2000, RL5000 FT5000 FT5000xp. Includes: (1) CCFL backlight bulb, (1) housing, wire assembly with connector. Used in LCD models: AA104VB05, AA104VC02, AA104VC10, AA104VC01, T-51513D104JU-FW, AA104VC04, AA104VC09, AA104VB02, AA104VC07, AA104VB09, AA104VC05, AA104VC06.

Some production models use various internal part configurations. Always ensure that the part used in your machine is compatible with the model listed here before purchasing.
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